View Full Version : 1994 Cobra SVT build #'s 0001-0012 - where are they?

Cobra Jet
09-10-2011, 03:59 PM
I have a very serious question, of which I have not been able to answer or ever find out any info...

The 1994 Cobra production run - does anyone have or know of the whereabouts of SVT build #'s 0001-0012? These SVT's had to have a very early build month and date of possibly around January 1994. I have searched online for quite some time using multiple forum threads, eBay, craigslist and numerous for sale ads, and I've yet to locate or find those vehicles.

Does anyone also know which 1994 Cobras were used in any Ford promotional material and if those cars survived or were they destroyed (not sold to the public)?

You all may be wondering why I'm asking.

I'm the 2nd owner of my Cobra and it was bone stock when purchased years ago. The car had and has no issues when I bought it or even now. I always knew the actual SVT build number had to be low, based on my VCL decal's month/year build date AND the fact that my actual VIN # is extremely low when comparing to any/all other 1994 Cobras I've been able to find online, etc.

I've also owned a prior 1996 Cobra, prior to my 94. I did the whole "SVT Certificate thing" when I owned that Cobra, so when I bought my 94 years ago, I never really had any interest in obtaining it's SVT Certificate and already knew all about the car and it's "uniqueness".

Fast forward to last year... Out of curiosity, I finally decided to call the 1-800 number for Ford to see what my 94 Cobra's actual SVT Build number was.... I gave the Ford Rep my VIN and upon him looking up the info, he came back and said "Your Cobra is SVT Build # 0013". I thought I was not hearing correctly and asked him to repeat, in which he said the same thing, "13" as in, 0013. Needless to say, I was not only surprised, but at the same time, being around Mustangs and owning MANY over the years, I already thought it's build # was low based on my VIN & VCL decal, but I NEVER thought it was within the first 15 built, or even first 100.

Now, ever since finding out my build #, as stated above, I've been unable to locate #'s 0001-0012, therefore as far as I know, my Cobra is the lowest production 94 Cobra in existence. This is why I'm on the search for the others.

If anyone has any info, or could even supply me with any other info they may know about my Cobra, that would be awesome.

My Cobra's VCL build date is: January 1994
Last (6) of my VIN: 144409
Rio Red over Black

I also posted this on a few Cobra specific forums for further assistance, with the thinking that if more folks see it, maybe someone will know more about #'s 0001-0012.

Thanks SCMC!

Cobra Jet
09-13-2013, 11:15 AM
Just an update....

1994 Cobra SVT Build #0008 has surfaced and is a confirmed Pace Car.
Built on 03/07/94

Currently has 9,900 miles and is in GA (was also listed for sale very recently, unknown if vehicle has sold).