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Cobra Jet
09-10-2011, 04:27 PM
Just a quick question for anyone who truly knows the answer...

94 Cobras, which were "red" were known to be Ford paint code "E8" and the actual name of the color was/is "Rio Red".

I was taking pics the other day of my Cobra and wanted pics of the actual BUC tag behind the headlight. So, upon seeing the tag (which I saw many times in the past), I saw the following stamped on it:


which was also stamped in close proximity to the "E8".

Now, this has peaked my curiosity... IIRC, wasn't there a batch of 93 Cobras which were painted "Vermillion" Red, instead of the known Vibrant Red?

My Cobra is a very early 94 build (January 1994 and it's SVT Build # 0013). Is it possible that even though the paint code is definitely E8, that the actual color was or is "Vermillion" instead of Rio Red? Does anyone know if the actual name (Rio Red) was changed to Vermillion (or visa versa) at some point during production, however, Ford kept the same paint code (E8)?

Any of you who have red 94/95 Cobras, can you take a peak at your BUC tag and see if the letters "VERM" are also on yours too?

I would think that if my car was truly Rio Red, that "Rio" would be stamped on the buc instead of VERM... ??????

My BUC tag: