View Full Version : 96 SVT Cobra how to aim the headlights?

10-18-2011, 03:12 AM
We bought a 96 SVT Cobra back in August. From the 1st night we drove it the headlights seemed dim. So I usually drive with both the headlights and the Fog lights on. Upon looking at it, it appears the passenger side light is aimed up. I tend to light the signs over the highway more than the road. How easy is it to adjust them? Should I use a wall or the garage door as a guide. How should they be aimed?

BTW the headlight covers are crystal clear, so that is not an issue.

One other thing while on this subject. The lights have a bluish tint to them but even disregarding the aiming issue appear dim. A friend who works at an Auto Parts store suggested that the previous owner may have put in Hi output lights but not put in a module that I guess is a step up transformer or something like that. What should I look for?

Thanks in advance, Spiney-Dave