View Full Version : 2 svt cobras in 3 mos!!!

11-12-2011, 09:33 PM
first I found a 94 pace (partially disassembled) on craigslist prev. owner tore apart to repaint I made a deal w/him and 2 weeks later my brother found another cobra convert a 98 in tucson for a price I could'nt pass up! so now my shop is full of cobras and parts!! I am a marine mechanic(boat) so this is my slow season. I have my work cut out for me the 98 has engine probs. (spun a bearing) just got it on the engine stand making a parts list it should be up in a month(totally original except k&n drop-in air filter) very good original paint(laser red) I have the original window sticker and svt cert. the interior is dirty but no tears ect. I am upgrading the rods and pistons while lowering the compression to 8.2-1 (live on regular fuel and handle boost if I choose) the 94 is supposed to have a fresh rebuild. I am going to pull the pan and heads and conferm this if not it will be fresh! its had a bargin basement repaint at some point. and 96-98 tail lights installed. I already bought 94-95's to replace them! I will post some pics once they are further back together!:bounce:

11-14-2011, 11:12 PM
Congrats on the new rides!! :)