View Full Version : 1994 Cobra For Sale

08-22-2012, 08:16 PM
Like the title says. I have a 94 cobra for sale. Rio Red with Black interior. Almost all original. Steeda tri ax short shifter and short ram intake, it may also be lowered but I did not do that. Only thing that does not work is the Dash clock however it does come on if the battery is unhooked and hooked back up, so it is probably a capacitor in the display. CD player has the click but still works and the tape player is flawless. There are no rips in the Black leather seats and the back and passenger seat do not even look like anyone has sit in them. Original paint (i think), Vin tags on the hood, fenders, front bumper and rear bumper and quarterpanels. I am in Dallas area of Texas. Shoot me a PM if you are interested. I am not able to post pics at this time. Maybe I can link to them or somthing.