View Full Version : Revving engines...loud exhaust!!

08-23-2012, 09:36 PM
Okay, so I decided to take my GoPro Hero 2 and set it on the wall at our Summit Point event so everyone can hear the sound of the engines/exhaust as the cars go by. Please note that sometimes there are lapses in the video of cars because no one is on the track but I did add music to fill in the quiet time and who doesn't like to listen to music? No, my Boss 302 is not in the video but you can hear the birds...lol. I am an amateur at putting video together but like anything else, I'll learn in due time.

Ryan, that supercharger sounds bad ass!! The Boss 302 exhibition session video will be done sometime this weekend. The video is freaking awesome and I'll have to play with Windows Movie maker a little more to learn what I can and cannot do! In the meantime...ENJOY!