View Full Version : Tuner coming to Houston 4/19 -20...need a tune?

John Himsel
04-17-2013, 11:40 AM
I have arranged for a really good tuner to come to Houston this coming weekend.

If anyone has an '03/'04 Cobra and you have an SCT Programmer and are interested in getting a great tune for your car....let me know. We have one spot left on Saturday afternoon.

The tuner is Kevin Dunn from Dallas. He knows Cobras inside and out, has tuned hundreds of cars, and is the Moderator on SVTP for the Distillery Forum as he is an expert in E85.

He charges $250 for the tune. So if you have "Wideband" capabilities, he can tune on the street and you only pay $250 for a great tune. He tuned my friends Cobra here two weekends ago and the car drives like a stock Cobra. His primary goal as a tuner is safe drivability, yet the car made 448/500 on a stingy Mustang MD500 dyno with a pulley, TB and exhaust. He tunes to a flat 11.7 A/F.

If you want to dyno tune, you will need to call Randy at "510 Race Engineering" in Tomball and reserve Saturday afternoon. The price for the dyno is set by Randy. I will have my car on the dyno Saturday morning at 9:00 for my new E85 tune if you want to watch him work his magic before you tune Saturday afternoon. The dyno is also capable of doing 1/4 mile runs for an additional $75 per run. You get a light tree, time slip with all the normal 1/4 mile data.

If you have questions, call me at 832-409-9676