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06-15-2013, 01:52 AM
Hello all.
Found this site from an old SVTOA friend of mine in time to sign up for the Superfest. I'm not an SCMC member only because I now drive an otherly abled vehicle. Just wanted to say that the event yinz held at VIR and the people i had the opportunity to interact with while there culminated in the best hpde event I have ever been to. I bougth my first Mustang notch in '90 and drove it and dragged it until '02 when I heard about the Terminators and put in an early order getting my 03 Mineral gray Cobra in June of 02. This car came with a year membership to the SVTOA which introduced me to my first and many subsequent HPDE track events. Once the track bug got it's hooks into me it was all over, I ran that Cobra at autocrosses, HPDE's at Beaverun, Summit, Nelson Ledges, Mid ohio, Watkins glen, Pocanos, and started doing Hillclimbs with the Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association in '09 or so.

So last year i started out looking for a new Boss and ended up with a Grand Sport instead via a convoluted path of dealer BS that ended up making the boss more expensive than the GS. The VIR event was my first time at VIR and my first time on any track in the new car, I was the blue GS in the orange group trying not to hold anyone up too long. My previous ride was the Mineral gray termy vert in the orange group. Anyway awesome venue with great people and some jaw dropping mustangs, i plan to make this an annual excursion. Planning on doing the Pgoda, Duryea, Weatherly, Polish Mt., and Jefferson hillclimbs this summer plus maybe sneak in a time trial on the NJMS Lightning circuit. Heard a rumor on here that yinz might be planning a Mon-Tue VIR trackdays. Hopefully it's an open week as i will be there.

Sorry about the long post just wanted to give a little more info than just "hey vette douch here nice mustang site".;)

06-15-2013, 05:10 AM
We're glad you came out and had a good time. This year's event was almost double the size of last year's event and we hope to continue that growth throughout the upcoming years. We'll keep you posted on upcoming track events in the upcoming months.