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12-13-2013, 07:45 PM
My 1996 Cobra will not turn over: no starter motor rotation; no solenoid click when I turn the key--only indicator lights in the dash panel.

At first, I suspected that the clutch pedal position (safety) switch might be the culprit, but after I replaced the switch, the same symptoms persisted. However, while replacing the switch, I noticed that the rectangular collar/tab (indicated by the cheesy-looking, hand-drawn black arrow in the image below) travelled to its full deflection (as shown below on the switch that was removed). Does this rectangular collar/tab actually have any influence on whether or not the switch functions properly electrically in relation to clutch-wear? Or, is it merely designed to be a stop at the end of the plastic rail of the switch? In short, would a worn-out clutch cause the switch to fail to engage fully and thus cause the starter to not engage?


If full deflection of the rectangular tab does not cause the switch to fail to engage, I suspect that the problem with the Cobra not starting has nothing to do with the clutch pedal position switch, but is likely related to one of the following: the starter relay, the starter solenoid, the connector of the Passive Anti-Theft System adjoining the cooling fan connector, or a problem in the starting circuit wiring not related to the PATS (least likely of the bunch).

There is no Haynes Manual procedure for checking the starter relay, but it costs only $12.25-US at the local Advance Auto Parts, so I will replace that next, if the clutch pedal position switch indeed is not the problem.

Thanks for your help.

cheers, :cheers:
--Professor Chaos

12-15-2013, 03:57 PM
Something you could try, is remove the electrical connector, and jump it. Put the car in neutral and try to crank it. That's the easiest way. You could also use a multi-meter and ohm it out. Every PATS issue I've had, allowed the car to crank but not fire. I'm not it's not a PATS issue, but I haven't seen it not crank due to pats.