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05-08-2014, 11:51 AM
I have been through many (too many) rebuilds of my 4.6 DOHC NA engine and it lost power for the last time at Summit Point two weeks ago (valve stuck open). I've replaced nearly everything in the engine at least once over the last 14 years (wow, I've been doing this a long time) and it's time to try something new!

I started with a stock 96 Mystic Cobra with mild bolt-ons. Then I found the Mustang forums (SVTP and SCMC) and then I found road course racing. The rest is history!

I started with pullies and a cold air kit and made about 265 RWHP. I slowly made mods to the car as I made mods to the driver. Doing 4 or 5 track weekends per year then 8-10 when I got serious. At the same time I was modifying the driver (most important!), I was improving the chassis, brakes, suspension, and engine.

My 4.6 build and progression is outlined elsewhere but the latest version was making 375/355 and detuned to 358/333 for the American Iron class. More HP means more weight.

I think it was ultimately the aftermarket cams that gave me all the trouble over the last six rebuilds and two years. Nothing else makes sense.

Anyway, so I am starting a Coyote Swap!

Since I already have a lot of the hard stuff (MM K-member, T56 Magnum, hydroboost) I have a little head start. I'm even planning to reuse my clutch. Mine is a racecar so I won't have to worry about a lot of the street stuff (lights, emissions, AC/heat, etc). This week I received the BBK swap headers/X-pipe, Ford Racing control pack, pedal bracket, and I'm picking up the engine (also a salvaged F150) in a couple days. I have the PBH bracket kit enroute so accessories should be easy.

I'm mostly concerned about the wiring and the oiling system at this point. I have a feeling I'm going to end up pulling all the factory wiring out and I'll custom wire tail lights, fuel pump, gauges, and anything else I need. I'm probably going to hold off on the AIM dash install ($$) and do that later. I have aftermarket gauges for the important stuff already. I'm going to have to do a new custom oil cooler. I already have an external oil filter kit. I'm pretty sure I'll need the Mustang timing cover and windage tray/pan gasket from Ford.

So, Why the F150 engine instead of the Mustang engine? Money. I can get two F150 engines for the price of a Mustang engine. The truck engine uses the same aluminum block and heads, same forged crank and good rods. Also, since the truck engine uses cams designed for more torque than HP it will put me closer to my goal of making 355/375. The perfect numbers for my weight. The guys using Mustang cams will have to detune more to get the power level needed.

More to come...