View Full Version : Post your patriotic photo on our facebook page and win a gift pack ....

07-04-2015, 09:35 PM
Okay, I promised a gift pack for when we hit 1000 facebook members so here's the deal. Since this is the 4th of July, let's celebrate this month as patriot month. The rules are as follows: A. You must be an "official dues paying SCMC member" in order to be eligible to win. B. You must post a photo sometime between now and July 31, 2015 of your car with some sort of patriotic theme. It could just be a flag or whatever you chose but the flag must be the "American flag only". C. The one with the most likes wins and you can only post one photo and it must be in this thread. Let's the pics begin and remember, patriotic theme so you have all month to take pics and post. The gift pack will be worth over 100 bucks but not to exceed 200 bucks.

Go here to post your photos and post them in the "official" thread for the gift pack: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SVTCobraClub/