View Full Version : Over Heating issues 2001 cobra

Slobra Comander
10-14-2015, 02:25 AM
Recently bought a 2001 convertible cobra bone stock. After driving and daily use out the blue cobra started to over heat. It keeps over heating. I have changed the thermostat. Burped the system a 100 times. Flushed it. There is no coolant in the oil, no smoke, no smell from the exhaust. It constantly boils at the reservoir. It builds so much pressure the coolant comes out the cap. A few days ago after burping the system. My heater core return line exploded. I replaced the line with a 90 degree hose. What gives? I cant find any leaks in the radiator. When I burp the system I notice when the car gets to temp bubbles keep coming up the crossover section by the alternator. Its like the car continues to make air bubbles when it reaches temp. When I drive the car the reservoir boils and I lose coolant from the pressure building in the tank. The tank is aluminum. Any ideas or suggestions to lead me in the right direction? Water pump? I have no clue

10-14-2015, 10:52 PM
Did you let it get to operating temperature and look to see if the water was flowing through the radiator?

1. Your thermostat may be defective or stuck
2. Your lower hose may be collapsing
3. You have something in the system that is blocking the water from flowing

You said there is no coolant in the oil but is there oil in the coolant? I think you have a blown head gasket and oil is going into the water or if it is an internal leak you could have compression going into the cooling system.

Verify the coolant is moving to verify the water pump is still good.