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04-17-2016, 07:34 PM
Car Show and Track Frequently asked questions:

Q. I have never done an event like this before and am not sure what to do to get started.

A. If you are registered for three days and are checking in on Thursday night then you should go to the main gate and sign a waiver. If you arrive early, the track may ask you to go down Ace Drive to check in prior to the event. After you sign the waiver, proceed to the north paddock. When you leave the guard station, take a right at the stop sign and follow the north paddock signs. You should “cross over” the bridge which is the track and enter the paddock gates. The classroom building is located to the right, a two story red barn, with a flag pole by it. Go into the classroom building and stand in line to have your registration processed.

Do not go to the tech shed, go to the classroom registration building first, there you will turn in all of your paperwork and receive your on track wrist band.

If you are registering on Friday or Saturday morning, follow the same procedure as Thursday’s.

You can register in the SCMC store at www.scmcstore.com and select the SVT Superfest link.

Paperwork required for this event can be filled out on line or simply print the attached paperwork, fill it out, sign it, and bring it with you to the event.

Helmet Form: http://www.svtcobraclub.com/ontrackhelmetform.html
Technical Form: http://www.svtcobraclub.com/ontracktechnicalform.html

Q. What time can I get into the facility on Thursday?

A. For this event, you can get in at 3:00 pm. Do not park and set up as many of the staff are lining up spots for tractor trailers that will be displaying during the event.

Q. Is there a dinner on Thursday night?

A. There is no formal dinner. However, it has been tradition that everyone eats at “Aunt Millie’s”, a local pizza shop just outside the track and across the bridge on Main Street. They have some of the best pizza anywhere and they support the SCMC by helping to advertise this event. We try to show support by patronizing their establishment.

Q. What’s going on Friday?

A. Friday is an all track day. Participants can run track, do a Hyperdrive, ride with an instructor, or take their car out for parade laps. There is no car show on Friday; however, there is a social dinner at the Gallery. The cost to go to the dinner is $25.00 per person and you pay us direct at registration. The Gallery is located on the right hand side as you go outside the north paddock before you cross the bridge (track) at the top of the hill. This social is "dinner and a movie" as you will get to see the blu ray movie "A Faster Horse" which is about how the S550 made it to production. Capital Ford will also be giving away a free weekend, lodging included, for the Full Throttle Fall Fest.

Q. What is a Hyperdrive?

A. A Hyperdrive is where you drive your car for 25-30 minutes out on the track with an instructor. The instructor does not drive your car for you but leads, guides, and directs you while you are driving out on the track. You can get as many as 10 laps in your car during the course of the session. A Hyperdrive cost $60.00 for the first session and $75.00 for each additional session. Your car must still pass a tech inspection , be in good working mechanical condition, and have adequate brakes. Also, you must have a helmet to use during your session.

Q. How much will Friday’s event cost me?

A. If you sign up for one day on track, it is $275.00 per day. If you sign up for a Hyperdrive, it is $75.00 and that includes lunchtime parade laps. If you just want to spectate and go out during lunch the cost is $20.00. If you attend the Friday night social, it is $25.00 per person and you pay at registration.

Q. What’s going on Saturday?

A. Saturday is an all track day. Participants can run track, do a Hyperdrive, ride with an instructor, or take their car out for parade laps. There is also a car show which is held at the false grid. The false grid is located at the far end of the complex, opposite of the classroom building. There are protective awnings at the false grid, the people who register for the event first get a reserved spot under the awnings until all of the spots are filled. Please do not ask for a reserved spot if you waited till the last minute to sign up for the show. There is also a Saturday night banquet at the Gallery. The cost to go to the dinner is $35.00 per person and you pay the SCMC when you preregister. The Gallery is located on the right hand side before you cross the bridge (track) at the top of the hill.

Q. How much will Saturday’s event cost me?

A. There are different venues going on Saturday so you can run one day on track for $275.00. Go out on a Hyperdrive for $75.00. Enter the car show for $20.00. Go out for parade laps for $20.00. Buy an event shirt for $20.00 (Shirt plus parade laps is $30.00 so you save 10 dollars. Add the car show to it and for 50 bucks you get it all). Attend the Saturday night banquet for $35.00 per person. You can also go kart racing, skeet shooting, enjoy the spa, or eat at the restaurant at the track.

Q. Why should I attend the Saturday night banquet?

A. The Saturday night banquet isn’t just a meal. We usually show video, a slide show, or some other type of media. We may also have a guest speaker from Ford or from someone indirectly or directly related to the Ford Mustang. This year, Frank Moriarity, the author of Iron Fist Lead Foot - the Terminator Story will be telling us about his book and excursions in the Ford SVT Mustang Cobra world. We also give away literally thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and/or other donations from other vendors and event supporters. We usually have many free door prizes for those that attend the banquet and the dinner is a little better then it is on Friday night.

Q. What’s going on Sunday?

A. Sunday is just like Friday where you have the opportunity to go out on track. There is no car show on Sunday or a dinner as we wrap everything up by late afternoon.

Q. Can I drop my trailer off and use my tow vehicle? Will my belongings be safe?

A. You can drop and unhook from your trailer and leave your car and trailer together for the night. You must have some sort of wood block to protect the paddock’s asphalt when dropping your trailer. Be sure to chock your tires as we had a runaway at one event. The last thing you want to see is your car rolling into an object or someone.

To this day, we have never heard of anything that was stolen from anyone in the 5 plus years we have been doing this, however, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Lock valuable stuff in your trailer whenever possible. VIR has a 24 security guard who patrols the area all night long looking for suspicious activity. Again, this is a controlled environment and we will not tolerate thieves on the premises.

Q. I have to cancel because my vehicle will not be ready, do I lose my registration fee?

A. No, you get a day credit but if extra is due because the event cost more, you are responsible for paying the difference. If there is not an extra fee required, then you get the day credit.

Q. Do I have to be a member of the SCMC or TCUSA in order to participate in the car show or Hyperdrive?

A. No, you do not have to be a member to participate in either of these venues but if you plan to run on track, you must become an official member of one of those two clubs.

Q. Can anyone enter the car show or run on track?

A. Anyone can run on track as long as they meet the on track requirements. This means all makes and models. Currently, our car show is strictly all Mustangs and Fords.

Q. Is there anything else going on over the weekend?

A. Yes, the Forza Club Challenge Race will be going on over the weekend. That means you may participate in the event and then come in to watch your favorite Ferrari driver go out at full speed in an all out race to the finish line.

Q. I have been stopped by the VIR security guards and they asked for credentials to enter the north paddock. What do I need to have in order to get my vehicle into the north paddock?

A. You must have an event sticker on your car in order to get into the north paddock. This is a private rental and no one will be allowed in the north paddock over the weekend without the windshield sticker. To obtain a sticker, you must register at the front gate with the club, preregister for the event, or make arrangements with the event leaders in order to obtain a decal.