View Full Version : A Warning about Four Valve Performance

Big Daddy
06-04-2002, 11:14 PM
Here is a warning to all SCMC Members:


This company charged my credit card April 12th for 2 GKN Stage III Half-Shafts. As of this date I have not received them. I did receive a response to one of my emails today saying I should contact GKN directly if I wanted to know the status of my order and that Four Valve would not be responsible for the order. I replied that I felt Four Valve was responsible because they took the order for the Half-Shafts. I have since disputed the charge with my CC company and I will be ordering directly from GKN. If this is how Four Valve conducts business I would warn all memebers NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.


06-05-2002, 05:31 PM
Heck, just to toss this out there too while we are on the subject. My good friend Josh (another Josh) ordered a 5'' Phantom Tach from Excessive Motorsports on April 1st. 3 weeks go by and still no tach. He calls (he wasn't angry) and asks where his tach is. They say they "forgot about his order". Hmmm..... Anyway, no big deal, he re-orders and about three more weeks go by. No tach. Josh calls again (not angry, but not happy either) and asks what the status of his order was. They said that they had to get his tach from Autometer and they'd get it to him as soon as they got it from autometer. They said they should recieve it in a few days. So a week goes by, and Josh calls again, and Excessive says they got his tach, but they sent it to another customer, because they had ordered one before he did. (Josh angry) Complains, and recieved his tach yesterday afternoon. Take this as you will, but they weren't very quick. Maybe they had a bad day or something. On the flip side, i ordered my Tach May 31st online from summit racing, and recieved it June 2nd..... :D :D