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07-22-2002, 11:06 AM

If you want exclusivity in a Mustang, this is your ride. Saleens, Steedas and Roushs are easy to find, but when was the last time you saw a Boss Shinoda Mustang let alone an even much rarer Cobra Shinoda like this one is?

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When I bought it, the car was a bank repo and it seems that it was repossessed from the owner before it could be certified by Shinoda. I was told this is what the “P” (pending) in the certification plate stands for. It shouldn’t need much to get it certified if you so choose, but even if you keep it the way it is, you will own a very limited production Mustang that turns heads everywhere you go!

The car is Black with silver decals and Saddle (tan) interior. It has 63,000 miles. It’s a fully loaded Mustang Cobra right out of the box including a 5-speed transmission, leather interior, power seat with dual power lumbar adjustment, power windows power door locks, Mach 460 sound system with in-dash CD player, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, keyless entry remote with anti-theft system, fog lights, white face gauges, anti-lock brakes, dual illuminated visor vanity mirrors. Under the hood there is the stock 32 valve 305 horsepower engine for maximum reliability. No overheating in 90+ degree temps in bumper to bumper traffic with the A/C on full blast. (try that on some of the modified cars out there)

The transformation into a Cobra Shinoda as well as a short list of other modifications includes the three piece hood decal, fender decals, windshield and rear bumper decals, Cobra Shinoda floor mats, 17 inch chrome wheels, SVO sidepipe exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers, Eibach lowering springs, caster/camber plates, short throw shifter, competition clutch, under body frame stiffeners, etc.

While the car runs and drives excellent, do keep in mind that this is one Loud, Bold, and Brutal machine! Wimps need NOT apply! It has a throaty growl at idle, which turns to a roaring thunder at 2500 rpm, and at 4000 rpm it bellows out the most awesome sound this side of a full bore Winston Cup car going all out! You won’t even NEED the stereo. Mechanically the only issue I noticed was the right C/C plate makes noise when going over a bump. A/C blows ice cold. It has a set of four identical 275/40-ZR17 Cobra (what else) tires, with three being like new and the forth needing to be replaced in the near future. Cosmetically the car looks beautiful inside and out but this was no trailer queen. Remember, it is an eight year old car and as such will have some minor nicks, dings, scratches, scuffs and other blemishes. The only cosmetic issue to note would be the chrome on the wheels starting to pit and peel in a few spots. Not very noticeable unless you look close-up but eventually you will want to replace them. (there are plenty to choose from on Ebay) Interior is very clean with only the drivers seat starting to show a little wear.

The price for new Cobra coupes fully loaded like this one back in 1996 was over $27,000 plus with additional dealer markup, many were going out the door for over $30,000. (not including a Shinoda package) 1996 was the first year for the 32 valve monster motor and dealers couldn’t get enough of them to sell. This year is the oldest year available so if you’ve always wanted a 32 valve, there won’t be any cheaper ones around equipped like this. Price: $16,500. May deliver. atikovi@excite.com Suburban Washington DC. 703-867-5203