View Full Version : Where to advertise/sell this Cobra Shinoda?

07-22-2002, 04:20 PM
I know on Ebay you can get a quick sale but at a low price. And I want to avoid the local paper so I don't get every weekend test driver at my door. Anyone had any success in the AutoTrader either online or in print? Any other suggestions?

Big Daddy
07-23-2002, 08:56 AM
Try www.corral.net you should find some interest there.

07-23-2002, 04:14 PM
I'm going through the same thing selling my car. I'm trying to avoid the local advertisement to weed out the "tire kickers." I placed an ad in the Mustang and Ford trader, here is the phone number I called (1-800-845-9612) and they are only $25 for a month run in a national Mustang Trader. I think this is one of your best bets. That's where I would look if I was serious about buying a nice Mustang.

07-27-2002, 07:32 AM
I've had good luck on ebay....and have seen cobra's getting some good numbers when they are clean/low milage....

07-28-2002, 08:47 PM
I have sold my past 4 SVT vehicles through Hemmings Motor news and have gotten great prices selling them there. you can put your ad in their monthly classified book or put it online on their website too. I also like the Ford and Mustang trader but have had the best luck selling in HMN. Good Luck, 95rcobra.