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07-26-2002, 12:25 PM

Well finally after trying to get to the dyno for a while and not been able to do it, today I finally got four passes.

You are all aware of my mods (see sig) and I ran in two "trims" and used two diferent modes in my Autologic "flip" Chip.

The temp was about 87F and humidity was high 60's/low 70's.

Pass number 1 was a base line pull with the following:

All my mods exept STOCK MAF/DENSECHARGER W/ELBOW K&N INSIDE FENDER, Autologic in Program #1 (1%Leaner @ WOT 3 Deg Advance

Pass number 2 was SAME AS ABOVE but Autologic in Program #3 (2%Leaner @ WOT 5 Deg Advance)

Pass number 3 was PRO-M 80mm MAF with K&N AirCharger (Exposed filter inside motor bay) Autologic in program #1

Pass number 4 was SAME AS PASS NUMBER 3, Autologic on program #3

I'll post photos of the intake track changes and I'll post the actual dyno/AF charts this evening after work.

And the numbers are:

Run #1 308.6RWHP/309.6RWTQ SAE
Run #2 313.8RWHP/312.4RWTQ SAE
Run #3 317.9RWHP/310.2RHTQ SAE
Run #4 320.1RWHP/308.2RWTQ SAE

Overall, 30RWHP/19RWTQ Gain from my last dyno!

The AF charts looks good, but with the Pro-M and K&N AirCharger are lean, specially in run #4.

Again, I'll post the charts toninght.



Ken 01-Cobra
07-26-2002, 01:30 PM
Heh...deja vu all over again... ;) :D

07-26-2002, 01:34 PM
Outstanding Numbers for a N/A car.:thumbsup:

07-26-2002, 02:25 PM
is the 2% leaner in the last 3 runs 2% from the 1st run at already 1% lean? or is it an addition 1% from that. (yeah, i'm scratching my own head on that)
wonder what that 1% leaner would do with the 5 degees of timing.....i'm running way rich right now meself...

where are you getting you tune done?

07-26-2002, 09:02 PM
The program goes like this:

Mode #1: 3 Deg Adv, 1% leaner @ WOT
Mode #2: (Did not use) 4 Deg Adv, 1% Richer (than stock) @ WOT
Mode #3: 5 Deg Adv, 2% leaner @ WOT (add 1% to mode #1 for a total of 2%!)

These are some of the dyno charts including the AF ratio:


and a short video of the run:

Dyno Run (http://nazman.stangnet.com/Video/Naz%20Dyno%20Run%201.avi)


07-26-2002, 10:56 PM
ok, i see. thanks. what chip are you running. a buddy of mine is ready to get out of his JMS Autologic chip, and i'm considering it. sweet numbers!