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07-29-2002, 06:43 PM

A friend of mine just gave me a Nitrous kit and I was wondering if I could use it to cool down the air kinda like a intercooler. By spraying a 50 shot would I be in danger of messing anything up? Just a thought, he is leaving for an overseas assignment and will be putting a turbo on his ride when he returns in a year. If you don't think it will be very wise to use the 50 squirt I will just put it on the wife's Eclipse GST and make her happy with the 100 pill instead. Thanks for the continued advice........

07-29-2002, 09:11 PM
I wouldn't recommend it, you're definitely playing with fate doing that! :eek:

Here's the biggest problem with boost....after a while you want MORE MORE and MORE and the next thing you know you have a very expensive repair bill. If you do go for it, I wouldn't run more than a 25-30 shot and would have it dyno tuned only, no "putting it on and hoping".

If you feel the need for a little more oomph! try adding a powerpipe. Get some 36# injectors, a ProM 80mm Maf and a 6:1 recalibration disc for your FMU and put a 255lph fuel pump in the tank. This will up your boost and give you a safer fuel range than what you are running now. Make sure the MAF is calibrated for 36# injectors and the supercharger and you wouldn't even need to change your chip. Add some shorty headers and gain another 20-25 rwhp.

Two power-adders....on a stock block.....I really would shy away from doing that.

07-29-2002, 09:32 PM
Cool, I will just put the juice on the wife's eclipse. Now where to buy the power pipe? I have heard that there are cheaper ones than the AFM and are just as good. Which one did you go with? And your right, I want more boost, but not at the expense of a blown motor. I also have a nasty sportbike habit I have to deal with :).

07-29-2002, 09:35 PM
Hey Tom, check this idea out: Terry Delong (owner of Profinish-Proglass) recommended this to me. Terry's shop is in my home town, and i've had a chance to see all his sweet cars in action before all the magazines and stuff. Anyway, he's a huge nitrous cat. He put this idea past me. He's got a wet kit i can get for dirt cheap (installed). He doesn't know a whole lot about mod motor'd cobras, but he does know that they just don't make the low rpm torque we all dream of. Anyway, his idea is to run a 50-shot, but rig it to a pressure switch. He says i could run that 50 shot (on the pressure switch) and he could set it up to kill the nitrous @ 6psi. The nitrous would definately get the car up and kickin quick, and using minimal juice at the same time. he said a bottle would last a very long time since it doesn't take long for the blower to reach 6 psi. Also, he said running it at such low rpms would be a very gentle setup, but offer peak performance...... Hmmmmmmmmm......... it's got me thinking......

07-29-2002, 09:51 PM
That does sound like it could be safe enough. What do you think Tom? A little start juice would be nice. I still think I going to invest in the squirters, MAF, pump, and power pipe though.

07-29-2002, 10:07 PM
A bottle of NOS typically lasts 109 seconds worth of happy going in the engine, thats average, not counting any venting to get the oxygen bubbles out of the line.
The only way any NOS should be used is during full throttle and using a kit specifically designed for your application.
If your car doesnt like NOS, something in your valvetrain will go or the worst kind of engine blow can happen, the manifold launches off the block and turns into a UFO with NOS typically referred to as UFONOS on the racetrack. Haaa seen it many times, usually big blocks running too much NOS. You must have twice as much fuel as NOS going down the hatch.
In the end, maybe by the end of the four bottle of NOS, your heads are weak, pushrods bent, valve guides maybe giving a little blow-by and compression a little lower thus loss of power.
Been there and done that. Nice while it lasts, but expensive in the end..

07-29-2002, 10:10 PM
oops, I meant "fourth"bottle of NOS

ohhh what about all those sensitive sensors in those computerized engines, doesnt NOS freak those out too?

07-30-2002, 12:52 AM
I's just throwing out the idea that was given to me by an expirienced nitrous junkie. He said that all would be good, but ya never know. I'm just kinda interested in what you guys think. So far, one is for it, and one is against it.

07-30-2002, 01:13 PM
I don't think it would be a good idea....low rpm NOS hits are where most people lose their engines. Nitrous is really designed for running WOT and above 3,000rpms (at least above 3250 on '96-'98 Cobras).

Gear the car properly (4.10s minimum) and the supercharger will kick in sooner because you'll hit high rpm sooner.

I like driving the car around without hitting the extra power/torque of the blower unless I want it (stomping the pedal and pulling rpms) :)

07-30-2002, 07:35 PM
It was just a suggestion that was thrown my way. It sure would look cool though. 4.30's are in my future, but i want to see what i can do with what i've got for now. The first of my money going towards it is going towards AFM's power pipe and the "big" PRO-M MAF that'll work with the pipe. After that, i'm gonna get some break in miles on it, change the oil, then to true blue i go. Autologic chip and a dyno tune will follow.

07-30-2002, 10:02 PM
What kind of numbers were you getting before blowing your motor and what do you expect now that you got it back together?

07-30-2002, 10:12 PM
Originally posted by 98BlckCobraVert
What kind of numbers were you getting before blowing your motor and what do you expect now that you got it back together?

Let me start out by saying that i never got it to a dyno. But i'll tell you everything that i had on it, and then i'll give you an estimate. I had the vortech v2 sq with the aftercooler. MSD DIS-4, 36 lb injectors, C&L 80mm MAF, MAC Prochamber, Borla SVO side exit exhaust. 255lph inline pump, and the 255lph intank pump. 6:1 recalibration disc for the fuel management unit. I listed all my mods on the little form supplied with the SUPERCHIP that accompanied my vortech kit. They burned a program for me, sent it back, and there i was.......... (also on the car at the time, cobra r's, eibach pro-kit, tremec TKO, RAM clutch) Without ever getting a tune......... i'd say it put down somewhere around 425-440 rwhp and maybe about 350 rwtq or so. I really don't know for sure. But i'd go ahead and estimate it being around there.

07-30-2002, 10:17 PM
Okay, i'll give ya a little more about my situation. I was out in japan for a solid year. I bought my cobra while i was over there. Once my dad picked it up, i bought all that stuff i listed above (minus the Tremec, the clutch, and the prochamber, they were on it when i got it). The other stuff was on there. Anywho, all my stuff was stuffed on my car while i was gone, but the car failed a compression and a leak down check before i ever really got into the boost. My car was bad when i got it. So i've been going through the rebuild process ever since. I'm shooting for 500 rwhp and anywhere over 400 rwtq after my dyno tune. I may get that, and i may not, i won't stop til i do.

07-31-2002, 10:05 PM
I hear that. I would like a nice 450-475 with a nice little torq of 400!!!! One day I will get it. Good luck to you.

07-31-2002, 10:51 PM
Thanks. I think i'm well on my way......... but i just don't know what it'll take to get me up there. (500hp/400tq) Right now, i'm in the market for a wave runner....... but i'm trying to budget myself accordingly.