View Full Version : My first real race

08-05-2002, 10:05 PM
I am driving down the road today and I pass a gas station where two boys are standing beside what appears to be a 93 LX coupe. They are talking to someone and they stare at me as I ride by. I had to ride back by and they throw a rev at me as they are pulling out behind me. I pulled over to see if they want to put their money where there mouth is. He says he has never had anyone to even hang even with him and all he had was a cam. He said everything else was stock. Stock never sounded so mean. He agreed to race for a few dollars.

We go out to our local drag strip( long straight road ) and I tell him to get his passenger to count. On three we both kick. We both spun a little in first. I pull half a car instantly. He caught second and almost pulled even. I spun bad on the 1 to 2 shift but pulled almost 3 cars on him before he hit 3rd. I hit 3rd pulled about 10 to 12 car lengths on him before I shut down at 120. I was still pulling away fast before I shut down.

When we stop he did not know what to say. He complimented me on my car. He started making excuses about having no traction and the fact that he ran better from a roll. I ask if he wants to go double or nothing from a roll and he graciosly declines.

I was happy for my first real race.