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08-08-2002, 11:05 AM
I am getting ready to have my first set of track tires mounted up onto my spare set of 17X8 wheels.
I have four 245/45ZR17 Victoracers (which I'm pretty sure are directional). Two have noticeably more tread than the other two. I plan to rotate them as needed and carry them in the trunk to events (no street use).
Expecting to have to buy them in twos from here on out (better on the wallet, anyway) should I have my two best on the front (street style), on the back (drag style), or on the left or right (NASCAR style)?
My two left tires (RE730s) have taken the most abuse so far this year, most of that coming from SP's Jefferson Circuit, and Gingerman Raceway.
In 2002, I plan to run these tires at:
Lowes-NASA (Sept 7-8)
Summit Point-FATT (Sept 20)
Summit Point-NASA (Nov 2-3)

Jimmy Bost

08-12-2002, 11:23 AM
IMHO - it's better to have a front to rear difference than side to side when it comes to tires. So skip the NASCAR style.

I also feel it's best to have your better tires (more tread) in the front as these are doing (should be doing) most of the work. At Lowes, I'd take my best tire and put in in the front right - the oval generates a lot of heat in this tire.

Kumhos are only directional until you wear the tread blocks down - when they begin to look like a slick. Then, they can be mounted running in any direction. You can even flip them on the wheel to give you some more tire life (the outside tread blocks generally takes the brunt of the beating). I think they are only directional for rain purposes - i.e. when they still have SOME semblance of an actual tread pattern.

08-12-2002, 11:36 AM
Good stuff to know. That should help me get the most out of my tires.
See you on track!