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08-10-2002, 02:13 PM
Posting this for DJ to not clutter everyone's mail box with the Yahoo group mail.

"Hey everyone...
Most of you don't know me i have only been out a few times, but
anyhow this guy I workout W/ is a webdesigner and he just started a new website. I encourage everone to check it out and its free to join. It promotes the speed power and beauty of muscle cars. He needs some ideas for his site and he told me if enough of us put our cars up on his site he will promote our website exclusively. We will get a giant link on his main page. Think that would be nice so we can have more exposure and he is also willing to have a proffesional photographer come out to one of our meets and take pictures of our cars for free. He is also tryin to think up somethin at the sam houston speedway.. we all want a place to run our cars well he has access to it and wants to have like contests and stuff w/ like $1,000 prizes and stuff. Anyhow just check out the site and tell me what yall think and get back w/ me


08-10-2002, 06:36 PM
Here's a link for the lazy ones who do not want to type..
Looks pretty good. Need 140 verified on a track! :bounce: :thumbsup: I'm thinking I need a roll cage for the Pace car being it's a vert.. I'm also thinking I wish I had darker seats, cause I might soil it. :) If I went that fast.

08-10-2002, 10:51 PM
What would constitute proof of speed (short of a speeding ticket).

I am willing to post a 160mph run on the street, but I am not sure if my digital camera will pickup both the dash/speedo, and the outside and would it constitute proof ... I would also have to figure out a way to do the remote shutter as my Sony don't have that feature ... might do a video capture, if I can get my DV or Hi8 up and running right ..

Don't have a good camera mount for my car yet. Gotta work on that.

Also, want some deniability since the guy with the Ferarri video'ed his speed runs and got busted...