View Full Version : How many lurkers do we have here??

08-21-2002, 11:33 PM
I know there's a lot of newbies to the forums, which is good, but I just know there are more lurkers out there reading this all and never posting. Make yourself known!!!! That is all. :D

Topless In Tex
08-22-2002, 01:11 AM
Guess ya'll figured out I'm a newbie. I'm sorry I didnt introduce myself....I lurked a little. I'm a friend of WhiteSnakes, and he gave me the link to the site. We show together alot and are members of Space City Cruisers out of League City.
I came out to ya'lls DynoDay last year when that guy got the keys stuck in the ignition in that car! I was with Dan, the guy w/ the Black Saleen...btw: last I heard from him, hes selling it if anyone is interested! :cool:
Also, I just have a GT not a Cobra, and did not know how ya'll would feel about that. One of ya'lls guys said that that would be great and made me feel really welcome. So, I thought I would kinda worm my way in a little. Hope ya'll dont mind..
Planning on coming out to ya'lls show if I can get the 'minor' things done to my car that are falling apart. (and off) :rolleyes:
I need a good day of work on it to get it right again.
Nice to see a forum w/ a bunch of local people. I'm real active on other forums, but they are sooo widespread. Ive been up to the East Coast 3 times since last fall and was lucky enough to be at the Mod Motor Shootout..and for the Super Stallions Shoot Outs and w/ the Mustang Works friends I made. Scott's wedding was so cool!
Neat to see so much activity and people involved, right here in our neck of the woods....
Nice Website! I took up enough room now...just thought i'd go ahead and introduce myself...talk to ya'll later. Cya soon! :thumbsup:
Christine aka: Topless In Texas

08-22-2002, 09:20 AM
always lurkin, rarely postin :)