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09-07-2002, 01:44 PM
Well I hit up the Higgans Dyno Day today. Last time I dynoed I pulled 273hp and 274tq.
Mods since I've last dynoed:
Steeda UnderDrive Pullies
Steeda Timing Adjustor set at 14 degrees
Ford Motorsport 9mm Plugwires and Bosch Platnium's
Changed out Hi Flow H pipe for O/R H pipe

Here are the new numbers:
HP 271.5
TQ 267.2

HP 274.7
TQ 270.8

Pull 3:
HP 274.1
TQ 271.7

Air/Fuel was generally around 13.5 at peak during the run.

Overall a loss, but I guess different dyno conditions may have come into play. There was a 03 Cobra there bone stock that pulled 370 HP but I didn't hear the TQ. Anyway.........at least it was fun.

Here is the info from my previous run:

Pass 1:
HP 274.1
TQ 275.6
77.8 degrees F
29.92-.41 in.Hg.

Pass 2:
HP 273.2
TQ 275.9
Same as above info

It appears that I've lost low end power. From the first dyno I started around 250 and this one begins around 200. The first dyno also seemed like a flatter curve.

Anyone know why I lost power with the addition of all those mods?

09-07-2002, 09:17 PM
Were both dyno sessions at the same shop? Sometimes you'll see different corrections take place at different shops (some will correct properly for weather/temp and others just enter temp). Were the numbers corrected to SAE standards on both runs?

Did you try different settings on the timing adjuster? Some cars like lower settings and some like higher, you have to experiment to fine what works best for your car.

Platinum plugs suck for perfomance and the Bosch Platinum plus are some of the worst. Get some good cheap copper plugs, the Autolite 764s are great and extremely cheap, about 98cents each. Gap them to .054 as well for a naturally aspirated engine.

Did you reset the computer after doing all the changes and then drive around long enough to allow the computer to adjust? Typically offroad pipes will boost your low rpm torque and free up some high rpm horsepower. The timing adjuster should bump your lowend torque as well and the pulleys should have free'd up some ponies the accessories previously were taking.

Unplugged the negative battery cable (over night....) then drive the car around over the next day or two varying how you drive (steady, normal driving and through in a few WOT blast down the road, etc...). Try setting the timing adjuster to 12 degrees and see how it feels (or make another dyno pull). Also try bumping the timing to 16 degrees and see if that helps.

Good luck.

09-08-2002, 08:14 PM
good suggestions.

I'm about to get my hands dirty with the Steeda Timing adjuster myself and have had some unique suggestions on timing

some cobras like it at around +15-16 degrees and some I've heard like it at as low as 11.

another way to reset the computer is to unplug the battery (ground first!) then touch the cables together while the key is in the ON position. this drains what electricity is left in the system in about 30 seconds.

09-09-2002, 09:43 PM
Well both sessions were at different shops in different states actually. The first was in Orlando and the second was here in Atlanta. I've had the mods on for a while now and I did reset the computer after the mods were put on.

You're like the 5th person that told me to ditch the Bosch Platinums.......they're coming out this Sunday if I have time to do the work. As far as the timing adjustor, I'm going to experiment around with some different settings and see how it goes.

Most of the difference I'm accounting to the different dyno's. They were both portable Dyno Jets, but they are different, and slightly different weather conditions.

Thanks for the info!