View Full Version : another problem?

09-19-2002, 04:31 PM
I think that my exhaust problem is not really an exhaust problem at all. The car has full bassani exhaust with off road pipe. I dont have the MIL's, and I dont get a check engine light. The exhaust sounds very "raspy" when you get on it, but only until it warms up. I got under the car to check for leaks, or the exhaust hitting something- but when I had my buddy rev on it, the noise sounded like it came from inside the mufflers. Also, sometimes when you first start the car it doesnt want to idle, so you have to give her a little throttle and when you do, it blows out alot of unburnt gas(you can really smell it.) After it warms up the car runs and sounds like a million bucks. Could it be that i have a very rich condition when the car is cold-causing some of the fumes to light up in the pipes(long shot there)? I had a 1970 maverick with a built 302 that would make noises like that until I got the carb adjusted right, it was running wayyyyyyyyyy rich. Any help or thoughts on the subject would be great.

P.S.-The car only has 41,000 miles on it, so I dont think it would be the plugs-although I have been known to be wrong before:)