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09-23-2002, 12:47 PM
I know this is early, but, I have never entered in the car show at the AutoRama and don't know what is involved. How about entering some Cobra's in the car show. They always have car clubs that enter the show. We have a banner! And it looked good at FFW Ennis too. The cars will have to be left there for a few days, not sure how long or when they have to be there. Could get a couple R's, Pace car, 03's and a few of the years. Good advertisement for SCMC and SSC's, have flyers there to pass out and talk about our group.
Maybe Steve & Christine can chime in, as I think they have done this, and give some details on how this is done and $$.

Any takers?

Andy M
09-23-2002, 12:52 PM
I assume you are talking about the O'Reilly Autorama in November?? if so, I would be interested.

Have any info. on this year's show and how to register/enter?

09-23-2002, 01:09 PM
Yes I am refering to the O'Reilly Autorama in November. :D I don't have any info. Hoping somebody that has entered before will give come info and pointers.

09-23-2002, 01:09 PM
ditto, pending more info......;)

Topless In Tex
09-23-2002, 01:30 PM
Hey guys...
Ya, i did AutoRama the last 3 years and Steve did it about 4 years ago....either of us can help you w/ anything you wanna know. Its actually not too early. You first need to get 2 shots of your car. I think one from a back angle, and one from the side I believe...I know i have info. around here somewhere. If you wanna enter as a 'club' it helps to submit all the pics together if you can w/ everyones reg. and money, although its not necessary. there is a section on the entry form weather you are individual or Club. They will send you a written acceptance, along w/ a card you need to get in and get your registration packet.
The cars go in on WEDNESDAY. If you will have a big club display, the earlier the better. I have shown indiv. and w/ the club. Looks nicer if you have Carpet or something under the cars, and they request stations around the cars. I dont know if any of the rules have changed as far as all that cuz its supposed to be in the new Arena I think this year.
I think its about $35..(if I remember right. ) You move the cars out on Sunday evening after the last presentions for specialty awards; Usually after 7pm i think. (memory lapse!) you must unplug your battery, and have less than a 1/4 tank of gas. Gas caps taped off. (fire code)
Me an Steve also judged Autorama couple of years ago, and they are VERY picky. They have a 'format' for judging unlike anything we've seen...you MUST have your undercarriage spotless, its judged...you are allowed in an hour before it opens to clean up your car everday and dust it off. You are really not supposed to congregate inside your display.
I will see what I can do to find some info for you. Usually by now Ive recieved my info from ISCA(International Show Car Ass.) you will need to become a member of that which will cost you about another $10 if you are not allready. That will be done at one time when you send in your reg. $$
Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have!
and BTW Darrell: YOU will be in "Post War Convertible", prolly. :what: 1940-something-uuuup!!!! Thats what I've been in the last few years...Ive been in there w/ Studebakers, GTO'S, Camaros, You name it! Its very interesting! I placed 2nd all 3 times out of like 6-10 winners.
I'll see what I can find and let ya know, but that should give ya an idea!
Keep in touch! Cya! :)
Here is a link that I answered on MW a couple of weeks ago! Hope it some help too! :D(hope the link opens!)

Andy M
09-23-2002, 08:57 PM

Thanks for all of the great info. on this! Here is the web site for the event, but as you will see, there is no detailed information yet?? it is all marked as To Be Announced (TBA).


also, here is the link to register....


Topless In Tex
09-23-2002, 09:51 PM
Ya, It's ALWAYS Thanksgiving weekend! BUT...Im not sure if I remember hearing a rumor that they would change that or not? I'm really not sure! I might can get my hands on one of my old judging booklets...I KNOW I have all that stuff here somewhere...the question is WHERE? :confused:
Roy Riley, the guy on the bottom of the application, is the guy y ou need to talk to. Hes the one we have always dealt with if you have any ??'s about registration, or anything else. Looks like its $50 for the reg/ISCA membership. I was thinking $45, but that could be right...(well, it is obviously!) :)
Also, ANYONE is allowed in on that Wednesday to help set up! So, whatever club members want to come and help set up(if you have alot of work to do like lay carpet, put up stanchions, or have a 'Club Display' to put together....the more the merrier~! If you wanna bring some mirrors to lay under your car, that is good, but not mandatory...
I would also suggest if ya'll dont have a sign made up for our car, to do so regardless of mods..it brings attention to your car and it looks good, plus if you do have mods, it makes it easier for others to see. If you need one made, I suggest Chuck Coupland, from Couplands Signs in Laporte. He did Steves sign, his WhiteSnake helmet, and redid my sign and painted my sideskirts...hes AWESOME!!!! (and a fair price!) :thumbsup:
They give an award for best Club Display and for best ind. displays as well. They are usually pretty elaborate. We (Space City Cruisers) got the best club Display a couple of years ago...it was neat.
Be sure to check out that other thread I posted if you did not. It gives some info. on what we looked at and some things that we expierienced when judging it. Positive and negative. If it is Thanksgiving w/e..the judging is done THANKGIVING NIGHT, after the Autorama closes for the night. We judged till 1a.m. Friday morning.
I'll keep an eye out for my stuff...

09-30-2002, 09:22 PM
For those interested, here is a copy of the entry form from Steve.