View Full Version : smoked a 240sx turbo

09-28-2002, 07:54 PM
I was driving home from work last night and some guy pulled out in front of me with a blue 240sx and I heard the turbo whine and blow off when he shifted, needless to say my interest was piqued. The guy looked so out of place in this car, he was a white guy, about 38 years or so of age, clean cut, glasses, in this riced out 240sx trying to look like a skyline with all his ground effects and wing and crap, the car looked pretty gay, he must have no taste when it comes to cars (guy looked like he should be driving a bug or something). He had a big 'ol tach on his dash and of course was turbo-charged. I just had to see what it could do. I must admit I love the sound of turbo's, if I could afford one, I would put one on the cobra. We were cruising next to each other at about 35-40, I stayed in second gear, looked at him and we both punched it. I pulled on him pretty good, had at least 5 car lengths at 90-95mph and he let off. I was a little disappointed thats all he had. He didn't try any more after that... hehe. Those cars don't have any power to begin with though, and bolting on a turbo in stock form, he probably ran only 7-9lb of boost, which isn't going to help him enough. I love taking out the imports!