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10-04-2002, 04:58 PM
For Sale T-56 Ford specific transmission

Tremec T-56 with small block Ford specific bell housing, gear ratios; 2.99/2.07/1.43/1.00/.80/.62. Included with this transmission are the following; Pro-5.0 shifter, aluminum drive shaft with 31 spline yoke and correct length for use with the T-56, urethane trans mount, and the speedometer cable needed to work with FOX body Mustang.

This unit fits 302 and 351 engines, not 4.6s or any others. This trans will fit FOX or SN95 cars. This is not the Viper T-56. You cannot get a steel bellhousing for this trans as of yet. You will need to fabricate or purchase a kit to relocate the transmission crossmember for installation. You will not need a special clutch to work with this trans. This trans has a 7-tooth speedometer drive gear.

This trans was purchased new in ~1998 and has less than 5000 miles to date. Asking price is a fairly firm $1500 and I do not wish to ship but will if I cannot sell locally. I am willing to travel within 100 miles of Chicago, Illinois to meet for a sale.
Shipping will be extra if so required. I will not sell prior to speaking directly with the buyer!

Troy Carter