View Full Version : Cobra drivetrains suck!

10-12-2002, 02:23 AM
I just broke a halfshaft tonight on a bone stock 01 Cobra, the only thing this car has is Nitto Drag radials, I broke the half shaft dry hopping them just to get the rocks off. I have always owned fox body cars until now and I have to say the drivetrain is not very impressive, lots of tranny slack, a course those sorry ass halfshafts ( i can't believe they break that easy ) and have heard of vibration problems although I haven't had any yet. I don't want my car to be a track whore but I would at least like to enjoy it every once and awhile.

Ken 01-Cobra
10-12-2002, 06:11 AM
Man, that does suck! Drop some '03 half-shafts in there and enjoy her! :thumbsup: