View Full Version : true potential of the4.6 mod....hmmm

28 Fangs
10-12-2002, 10:04 PM
just wondering what stories you guys have (and opinions)on the 4.6 4v mod in the 96 to present cobras.also wich are preferable between sn95 and 99-02 (excluding the 03 Cobra).Someone had a link to another site called modernmusclecars.net and a lot of interesting points were brought up on some of their forums.This site allows all comers,GM,FORD&PONTIAC.So it was interesting to see others opinions.Just wondering what you guys thought on this subject....:burnout: 96 black on black snake

10-14-2002, 11:05 PM
My thoughts having owned one for three years.

Lots of fun in the upper RPM ranges
Amazing to look at under the hood
Aftermarket parts are scarce and expensive
Not a lot of low end torqe. Fixable with gears.
Can make decent NA power. Takes some money.
Can run low amounts of boost safely.
Could use better pistons.
Hell of a lot of fun for the money.

28 Fangs
10-15-2002, 01:26 AM
I totally agree....I think the aftermarket does need to pick it up a little bit:mad: .....But yea,your right on the money....and the sound it makes when you hit the gas is a sound of it's own..I love it...:thumbsup:

28 Fangs
10-15-2002, 06:53 AM
:( What.....no more takers on this discussion...c'cmon guys, a little heated discussion won't hurt....I'm pretty sure everyone has an exellent opinion... :D

10-15-2002, 10:30 AM
I've owned one for 4 years. It's had the simple bolt ons, and due to bad pistons now has forged internals.

I love the sound, especially at high RPM's. The power is great and it's always fun to beat a big one with a little one. The engine has lots of power potential and by all accounts is good for even higher revs, but:

The rebuild was EXPENSIVE! Luckily by extended warranty picked up some of it. I have vowed that if this engine goes, the next one will be a carbed pushrod engine. I do miss the simplicity of my old Triumph TR-6.

10-15-2002, 11:37 AM

1)Smooth running engine but a little unnerving at start-up.

2)Unreliable as far as longevity. I've heard and seen too many war stories about engines blowing.

3) Complicated and seems to run rich somewhat

4) Bad dipstick readings

5) Where's my FR500 dual intake set-up?

6) expensive to maintain


1) Awesome sound and unbelievable horsepower for a 281 cubic inch engine

2) Looks like a Boss 429 and attracts attention 24/7

3) Adapts to hp mods very well

4) It will kick just about anything as far as "bang for the buck"

Just my .02 worth. :thumbsup: