View Full Version : 99 cobra is slow???need help

10-19-2002, 09:28 AM
Why does my cobra only run 14.10 @ 104 mph? I have stock gears,stock shifter,x-pipe (bbk off road),flowmaster american thunder cat-back,bfg g-force kdws 275/40/17 on back,with this set up couldn't get car to hook up! I couldn't get it in to the 13's, my friend has a 98 pontiac formula ls1,auto,slp loudmouth cat-back,3.73's,everthing else stock,wtf please help me set this car up to beat my friends 98 formula that runs 13.06@102,oh he has bfg drag radials too

10-19-2002, 10:31 PM
Take my advice from the same experience you have had.

1) Get a set of drag radials and you will drop .4-.5 in the quarter. I have Nittos Drag Radials. Don't fear the shafts breaking. I haven't broken mine yet either. ;)

2) Get a cold air kit

3) Lower the car if it is hopping off the line

4) Get a set of 4:10 gears and you will be right with your friend if not edging him out. A lower gear will definitely put him in his place. (Higher numerically)

5) Make sure the "fix" has been performed on your car

6) Get a Steeda Tri-ax and you'll be set

7) Practice featehering off the line and eliminate wheel spin

My best time was a 13.4@102 mph. We both have the potential to be in the 12's with a gear change and the right driver technique.

Good luck!

10-21-2002, 08:09 AM
Just curious what RWHP you are running.

10-21-2002, 08:24 AM
I haven't been to the dyno since I added these mods but most cars with these mods are running in between 290 and 300 RWHP.
I was hoping to have 300 but I'd be happy to be in the 290's. ;)

Premod and after fix numbers were 272 RWHP and 284 RWTQ. I also have an OR pipe on and Steeda Underdrives.

10-21-2002, 10:13 AM
I dont have much to say about making power, but I have lots of experience racing those GM's (they are everywhere around me and always picking fights). They are loud, ugly, torque MONSTERS. That is their strong point and one of their only strong points. off the line, they will smoke you with stock gears. I have 4.10's but even 3.73's will almost keep you with a vette. Gears will surprise you sometimes...I no longer fear C5's at a light with mine.

Gears and drag radials will definetly put him in his place. To give you some hope, I have seen a guy take a 98 cobra, put 4.30's, a shifter, and some drag radials on. Then go run a best 12.7 on the quarter mile.

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