View Full Version : Need Help With Setting Up My 99 Cobra!!!!

10-19-2002, 11:45 AM
Why does my cobra only run 14.10 @ 104 mph? I have stock gears,stock shifter,x-pipe (bbk off road),flowmaster american thunder cat-back,bfg g-force kdws 275/40/17 on back,with this set up couldn't get car to hook up! I couldn't get it in to the 13's, my friend has a 98 pontiac formula ls1,auto,slp loudmouth cat-back,3.73's,everthing else stock,wtf please help me set this car up to beat my friends 98 formula that runs 13.06@102,oh he has bfg drag radials too

Ken 01-Cobra
10-19-2002, 12:26 PM
Ok, I assume you've done the fix on your car, since it is running 104 in the quarter.

It would help if you posted your time slips, or at least the info from them. It sounds to me like you're getting crappy 60' times, which equate to crappy 1/4 mile times. Are you spinning in the hole? If so, go out and practice launching in a deserted parking lot somewhere until you can launch it without spinning the wheels. On my 01, I get 60' times of 2.1x with street tires. These ain't great, but they ain't to bad either!

Are you getting hop on launch and the 1-2 shift? If so, you're losing time there. You might want to think about a brace and bushings for the IRS to cut that down to a minimum.

What RPM are you shifting at and how are you shifting? One mod I would HIGHLY recommend is an aftermarket shifter such as the Pro 5.0 (my favorite) or the Steeda Tri-Ax. These will allow you faster, surer, harder shifts without damaging your shift forks. The faster you shift, the more power stays on the track, the faster your time. Shift points should be way high up the band. On mine, I shift at 6900 RPM. It DOES make a difference. If I shift at 6600 instead of 6900, the car runs about .35 seconds slower in the 1/4.

Try these things and see if it doesn't help. :thumbsup:

11-08-2002, 12:39 PM
I agree with everything Ken said! I'll add that if you're not too crazy about open track etc. change the IRS to a solid axle and you can dump all you want without all the crappy wheel hop (if you're getting hop). I ran 13.8@104 in my stock 99 Cobra only my second time to ANY track! And that was with a 2.24 60'. But most of all PRACTICE LAUNCHING!!!!!!!!!!! Can't say that enough!