View Full Version : Extender on Cobra, WOW!!

11-03-2002, 05:37 PM
Got the extender on, after it was modified by Sam G for use on the Cobra. All I can say is WOW. Had the air fuel ratio at 12:0-1 and it felt good. Shifts are much stronger. Even got rubber in 3rd and started to get wheel hop @ 5k in 2nd. Just driving normal it felt stronger. I left my timing @ 14 degrees and only heard detonation 1 time, temp is a cool 55. Started to rain and shifting with any throttle gets wheel spin. So could not play with the air fuel ratio any, started to rain. I will try 12.5 & 13 when it is not raining.
There is a dyno day coming up Nov 23 at a new shop in Houston, RSI, and I think they give air fuel ratio on the dyno print out. I will try out 12.5 or 13 later on the dyno and maybe 13.5 ro 14, depending on the air fuel ratio. I am looking to get over 250 rwhp and 300 rwtq after new 65 mm TB & extender. Last dyno I got 248 & 295.
Worth the wait on Sam G for the Cobra mod, thanks Sam for the quick turn around a e-mails. Definatly worth the $175 I got it from on e-bay & 70 for the Cobra mod.

Black Snake
11-03-2002, 10:47 PM
I’m not real familiar with the Extender and how it operates. Just because you set it to “12:1” how do you know you are actually at 12:1? What does it adjust/control to make the changes? Be careful trying to squeeze every last bit out of your set-up. On the street 12-12.5 is probably were you want to be. An NA set-up is not as sensitive to air/fuel ratios as a forced induction motor, but lean is lean. Also remember you add about a half point on the street. So if you set-up for 13:1 on the dyno, you will actually be seeing 13.5:1 on the street.

You shouldn’t have much trouble seeing your goals. With minimal mods (headers, off-road X, cat back and 75mm MAF) I saw about 250hp/300tq.

11-03-2002, 10:58 PM
Well the extender fixes the tip in retard when shifting and removes the 93 mph timing retard on our 94\95 computers. The extender is a FRPP item and has pots for adfusting air fuel ratio and rev limiter. When setting the aif fuel ratio, there is a chart telling where the ratio is. It tells the computer to add more fuel. Not sure how accurate the air fuel ratio is from the chart, but is a reference point anyways. The extender also has more aggressive fuel curves and timing tables, more like the AL9 computers of the fox body cars. That is why I want to get a air fuel ratio when it is run on the dyno.

Mods I have now are FRPP headers, Bassaini X with cats, FlowMaster cat back, Pro M77 MAF meter, stock 60 mm TB, Crane Hi6 ignition, 3.73 gears & over 115k miles plus some other no hp producing mods. When I got 248 rwhp mods were the same with over 109k miles. I was less than 10 rwhp to the 96 - 01 Cobras that were at the dyno day, I was the only happy on there as the 01 Cobras only went 259-266. Guesss it is getting over the number 250/300.