View Full Version : What Part Am I Missing?

11-04-2002, 02:26 PM
A little background:

I bought my Cobra with an off road H pipe. Recently, I acquired a stock H pipe off another '94. So, after I put my clutch/tranny all back together, I figured I'd throw on the stock H pipe (the current off road H, although it sounds nice, wasn't installed with too much care as the distance between where the pipe attaches to the headers are wider than they should be, thus they're kind of "forced" (not too much though) onto the headers by being "bent" slightly inward), only to find that the hangar on on the end of the tranny does not allow a place for the stock H pipe to bolt onto. The hangar on there now, seems to be meant for the off road H pipe using those rubber hangars.

Since I've never seen my Cobra with a stock H pipe, am I missing a particular hanger at the end of the tranny for the stock H pipe?

Thanks again!


11-04-2002, 02:32 PM
Oh yeah, and just to give a full perspective, the off road H pipe on it now, has only slightly larger lips on the ends, and will only perfectly seal if perfectly straight, thus since it was sort of "forced", the result is that one muffler is more angled than the other, and where the H pipe joins the mufflers is a little lower than it should be. Like I said, by the looks of it, some kid did a "rush" job, and "made" the H pipe fit... :(

11-11-2002, 09:26 PM
never know, it could be an aftermarket tranny, but thats only a guess. because when i got my trick flow heads put on, the techs tried the firing order of a 5.0, but it didn't work, so tried the firing order of a 5.8, and it worked, so now i'm guessing i have a 351.
just maybe, you might have a tremec instead of a borg werner 5 speed. but its only a guess.