View Full Version : ATTN: Anyone with a convertible.. u can be in TF&TF2

11-08-2002, 02:15 PM
I emailed this guy and since my car is stock, its not what they are looking for, but someone else might be interested, so here's the post from a BMW website:

from e46fanatics.com forum

Hi All;
I'm working as Technical Advisor for TF & TF2

We are in search of a HOT convertible...they're looking at all makes/models but I WOULD LOVE to show off a nice 3 series.

Anyone that has a 3 series convertible, showy and preferably a brighter color is HIGHLY encouraged to contact me at liebermc1@cox.net ASAP! Car will be picked MONDAY, November 11th.

Car MUST be in Florida by Wednesday (the 13th) of next week, at your own expense. Car will be used for up to 10 days.

Pay rate is at least $100 per day PLUS your car will be a MAIN FEATURE cars with FOUR HOT CHICKS in it.

You can be on set with the car during filming.

The car will not be used for stunts, just pulled up coming to a stop, driving out of a driveway.

Questions? Call me at 305 691 5542

Again: the car MUST BE A CONVERTIBLE!!!!!