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Topless In Tex
11-17-2002, 11:29 PM
Me, Col. Dan in his GT350 and WhiteSnake arrived about 8:45. At that point, I WAS THE LAST ONE TO GET ON THE MAIN PART OF THE BOARDWALK!!!!!!!!!!! I was PISSED! :mad: Steve ended up clear on the other side of the Boardwalk area. I was car #95. They were PACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They ran out of registration forms when I was driving in.(Steve got the last one!) which added to a little confusion later on in the judging..but it all worked out okay later on. They were trying thier best to be very accomodating to us, because our running buddy TIM ('69 Mach 1) was heading up the show.
Show did not even start till 9am. I ran Into the direction sign that I parked next to....(w/ my HEAD) had a nice knot on my forhead...its still tender and a little bruised, rang my bell, but I'll live. :rolleyes:

We got the cars set up. Me, Steve and Dan allready knew we'd be judging....we judge in pairs. We just didnt know that there would only be about 7 other judges!!!!!!!!!! Dont get me wrong, we LOVE to judge, or I know I do, but I have NEVER spent that many hour judging b4. It was incredible.... well, me and Steve got the best classes...(my favorites to judge!!!!) Unfortunately, they were the BIGGEST CLASSES!!!!!!!!!! Mainly the Muscle Cars and 64-70's. They had some NICE RIDES THERE! The first class we judged had about 13 or so in it. The next class that needed to be judged, but noone would take on had about 16. So, us being the gearheads that we are took it on, but it was allready late at this point..
We did manage to get lunch and a beer or two about 1:30. But, once we took on that other class, when we finished, I judged the last car(which just happend to be Col. Dan's Shelby at 5:05!!!!!!!!) ......Trophies were supposed to be at 5pm. We def. got our exercise for the day....:smack:

John was nice enough to help out judging....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! and congrats to you and Barbara on Your Class Winner!!!!!!!!!!! Ya'lls car is just soooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: Dan had never seen your car before, he kept asking me "Damn, did you see that '93 Vertte over there?"....I said, YEAH, they were not at Ennis or neither was Steve, thats the only reason I got Best Engine!" :D We really appreciate ya'lls help, and REALLY enjoyed seeing ya'll out there!!!!!!!!!!! Had a GREAT time with ya'll...hope you enjoyed it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS OUT THERE!!!!!!!!! For the few SCMC members that were out there, everyone kicked ASS including Steve, John and Barbara, and myself..and please forgiveme if I missed anyone else.. I did not catch all the awards...Just the ones I knew whose class they were in. I know others were there, but do not know how they placed! :(
I wish I had pics...I did not bring my camera, even if I did, I would not have had time to take pics...we judged till the last dying minute. Steves daughter came out later to visit, and my mom and daughter did too to hang out. Our kids went and ate, and we kept moving on........I was BEAT last night. Crashed out on the couch about 10pm(unusual for me) and my legs are KILLING me today....guess that just means I'm out of shape!
But.....too bad more of ya'll didn't come out...it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! and they had some of the finest cars out there I've seen in a VERY long time.....I was very impressed w/ some of the Chevy's out there. Hate to say it...but you gotta call a spade a spade. There was some VERY fine rides out there! And I KNOW the spectators were NOT dissappointed...
Missed ya'll. Maybe next time! :)

If anyone came out and got ANY pictures, please let me know....oh yeah, the guy from CRUISIN TIMES wanted to interview me and Steve about the show and judging, and we were soooooooooooo busy the whole day and evening, it did not happen!!!!!!!!!!! :( That would have been SOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOL! But...oh well...we see him around alot, maybe we'll run into him at AutoRama. So....thats the rundown on the Kemah show....

BTW Edmond, I still wanna fix my sound on my pc....maybe tomorrow????????????? its driving me nuts. My Power Supply CRATERED last week, and I bought a new one, GUTTED my pc and replaced it and fixed it myself!!!!!!!!!! :) I thought I lost everything when it went ...I'm glad I didn't. Maybe tomorrow if you get a chance, i need to figure this out...its making me crazy. I wanna burn some CD's and I dont know if I can w/out sound. Please PM me you phone number again. I cant find it! :( thanks.

11-18-2002, 11:34 AM
Christine,great report. We are always ready to step up to the plate and fill in when extra judges are need. It was a fantastic day and an outstanding show. We attended the MCOH monthly meeting yesterday and I said a few words about the Kemah Show. Mainly how well the Houston Camaro Club was represented. You hit the nail on the head , they showed the Ford folk how IT is done,sad to say. Tell Steve to not forget me when he orders more" finger prints piss me off" signs. My email is Racerjdf@Aol.com when they are ready and I will pick up and bring$$ Have a great week.

11-18-2002, 11:55 AM
Awesome write up Christine, :thumbsup: glad to hear you had fun even though it was exhausting. Sorry we couldn't make it out, we had a pretty good club meet and a short cruise.

Yeah I am still waiting for you to call me about the card.


11-18-2002, 02:09 PM
Sounds like a good time.. Last time at Kemah I helped on the judging and had a good time. It made me look at me car differently and helped on what I needed to work on my cobra.
Sorry I could not make it, son had a baseball tourny this weekend, I didn't even make it to the monthly meet. :(

11-18-2002, 10:06 PM
I went for about an hour to spectate. Some really nice rides. I had to leave though, it was a freaking CHEVY show!:o It was at least twice as big as the one we went to in the spring. I know judging must have sucked. You wouldn't have liked it Darrell. I'm sure you did a great job Christine! (and Steve):D