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Topless In Tex
11-23-2002, 12:15 AM
Hey ya'll..
We're having our POKER RUN in the morning...I know alot of ya'll were gonna do Dyno Day. If your not, we'd love to have you come out! UNFORTUNATELY I HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW !!!!:mad: So, I cannot hook up w/ everyone till after 4pm...
Steve (WhiteSnake) will be there in the morning. If anyone is interested in going, Please contact him, or post here on the thread! Heres the places that will be stopped at! I'm really pissed I cannot be there till late...but to get off work next Wednesday, I had to work today and tomorrow! :nope:

Subject :
Poker Run - Saturday 11/23

We're gonna do a Poker Run this Saturday November 23. I wish we had decided in time to get this event in the Newsletter.

We will meet at Noah's Ark in Bacliff between 9:00 and 9:30 for breakfast, then get rolling about 11:00. The planned stops are Scooter's Ice House in Pearland, Cruiser's Ice House in Santa Fe, Crawdaddy's in Kemah, and CowBoy Ranch in Pasadena.

This event is open to anyone and everyone no matter what you drive.