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12-02-2002, 10:02 PM
Great Idea, One that I would be happy to support and help in any way.
First order of business would be to contact ISCA( Int'l Show car Association) The Club will have to become a member to participate. It will be necessary to budget for stancions,rope and carpeting for however many square feet we can get. Everyone in the SCMC will not be allowed to show. We have about what? 20 members? Autorama is not going to allot us that much space. So the annual fall show should be considered as the elimination show for who will and who won't be in Autorama. Expect 6-9 spaces top's.

12-02-2002, 10:30 PM
Well, I think that's a good idea. We do need to contact ISCA, hey don't we have some extra $$$ left over Edmond??? I think we should have about 6 cars there, but I think we shouldn't choose using an "elimination" show. I think that those of us who were there talking about the idea of doing it should be in the first one we do next year. We do need to have "show quality" Cobras there, but not everyone's a show person so we can just eliminate them b/c of that. And some of our cars are daily drivers and several years old, but we put hours preparing it for a show. We can spend hours talking about this, but let's not let this be the highlight of next year. We already have a lot planned with our 1st National Meet at Texas World Speedway(when the finals get nailed down) and our 2nd Annual Car show(we need to improve on last years show). I think those two can take a lot of thought into this, let's just everyone brainstorm a bit and we can talk at the montly meets and whatnot.

Topless In Tex
12-02-2002, 11:01 PM
If I"m not mistaken, as a first time showing for the club, you are only allowed 6 spaces. As years go by, you get more spaces. I think thats right. I have numbers to Roy Riley and whoever else you need. But, You dont have to join till the last dying minute, and when you send in your entry fee next fall(2003) you will then pay for your ISCA membership all at one time...membership only lasts for a year, if you join any earlier, it will expire before Autorama.
But at least you have plenty of time to look for the things yu need. Also, you might wanna think about if you just wanna do regular stanchions and rope, or if you want to do something a little more creative as far as the barricade....Ive seen alot of the clubs and ind. change thier barricades, and have come up w/ some pretty clever stuff. Just depends how much time, thought and money you wanna put into it...:)
I got an invitation in the mail last week From the guy from World Of Wheels I met in Ennis to go out to the World of Wheels Autorama in Louisiana...Lake Charles i think....I'll have to see if I can find it if anyone is interested. I dont remember the date. I want to say January sometime...might be fun! :D
Anyways.... its never too early to start kicking around ideas....while its still fresh, and everyone is pumped. And, if ya'll need any input on anything, I'll be more than happy to help ya'll out. I'm sure Steve would too. ;)

12-03-2002, 01:15 AM
If we can get 6 spaces, then we should try to cover all body styles (including R's).

If possible it would be cool to get one 93, one 93R, one SN95, one 95R, one new edge (99, 01, 03), and finally one 00R. Otherwise, I don't mind giving the spots to those who can best prep their cars for the show. Those who aren't spending the time prepping their cars can pitch in for the display.

12-03-2002, 11:13 AM
I agree, those that thought of this type participation should certainly have first shot at a slot. I am very interested in working on the Autorama from the point of getting it done. I am not interested in showing a vehicle. There are too many other things I will be doing that would keep me from showing. For one thing we will either be just returning or just going to the Caribe for a couple of weeks. '03 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

12-03-2002, 12:37 PM
I will help any way I can, even if you do not want my car in the show. It's OK.

12-03-2002, 02:57 PM
Originally posted by Levi
I will help any way I can, even if you do not want my car in the show. It's OK.

that goes for me also... I think Autorama will be great...

12-03-2002, 04:08 PM
I would like to see everyone's car in the Big Show that wants to be in it. I just don't want to be in it for reasons above.

12-03-2002, 04:10 PM
Levi,why would someone not want to see your car in the show??

12-03-2002, 04:29 PM
Originally posted by cobltng
Levi,why would someone not want to see your car in the show??

No reason, other then due to the limited number of show slots this may keep some of use from showing are cars and thats OK. There are alot of use and the cars that we have are the best of the best. I am just putting are car club first and I just would like to see the cream of the crop representing use.:D :cool:

12-03-2002, 06:18 PM
I'm with Levi. Even if I did my best cleaning, my car would not be up to par with one that is not daily driven. There just aren't enough hours in the day to show prep the car properly (and keep it that way). My biggest problems would be filthy hood blanket, engine, wheels, and wheel wells - none of which would stay clean for long on Houston's roads. I am more than happy to give the room to a car in overall better condition (as long as the newer Cobras were well represented).

That being said, I am willing to help out in any way that I can for the show.

12-04-2002, 04:55 PM
I understand,particular Houston streets & roadways. About a week ago I am going south on the SWFWY over a small rise in the freeway and honest to god right in the middle of the road was a four poster bed. Damn near wrecked the Lightning. People in this city will throw away anything anywhere.