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12-09-2002, 01:14 AM
Ok...How in the hell does a Mass Air Flow Sensor really work?
Please only respond if your sure you know.....Most ppl say it measures the speed of the air...This is accomplished by the air moving accross the hot filiment inside.. Well i have a afew questions .. Does it measure the temp.? And if you want to make your air inductrion a cooler temp will the sensor then in return tell your computer that it has not reached operating temps because it keeps getting a cold reading? Also why is it located in the engine compartment right next to the hot ass heads, is it for a reason? and if not why the hell is it made outa something that conducts heat like metal?
Im only asking these questions becaus i just bought a new front end and a new mass air flow sensor to go w/ my ram air setup and ever sense i installed it it runs really lean. My car hauls ass like outa the gate but as my RPMs go up its starts to hesitate which to me means its not gettin enough fuel.. some ppl say use bigger injectors.. My cobra injectors are already bigger then stock Gts ect. but if i need to go bigger how big? and what is to big?
Thanks for any help

Black Snake
12-09-2002, 09:12 AM
A mass air meter measures the amount of air that is flowing through the meter. It does this by heating a filament wire and then measuring the voltage drop as the air flow cools the wire. Temperature is factored into this equation in the fuel tables. As far as location of the meter, my guess is that Ford picked inside the engine compartment because it is the easiest location. You always run the risk of sucking up some water when you place the meter in the fender well. Remember that Ford is building this car for the everyday user that may not take the care and effort to avoid those big puddles. So yes, you are losing some power due to the heat soaking of the engine.

I would try and get your car on the dyno and take a look at what you A/F ratio is doing. Your high RPM hesitation could be due to fuel or spark. Keep in mind that an overly rich condition will kill power also.