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12-14-2002, 12:30 AM
Its kinda long, sorry

I have had a slightly whiny 3rd gear for a while now. Recently, the whine has gotten a little louder and does it in all gears.

Also, since I have 4.10's, I have a slight rear-end whine (some do it, some don't:doubt: ) But, that has also gotten a little louder lately.

Is the whiny tranny a sign that it is wearing out?
This may sound weird, but I actually want it to be an emerging tranny problem (I still have another year powertrain warranty:D )

Also, I have posted before about an ongoing clutch problem..I am on my third throw-out bearing in 6 months. Apparently my throw-out bearing is rubbing the nose when disengaged and makes a metallic chirping noise. This problem seems to be related to my engagement problem because my engagement is perfect when the noise is temporarily fixed with a new throw-out bearing. I have the adjustable steeda cable setup on there and no matter what setting I have it on, the engagement slips back up to the top of the peddle after a minute. I called Steeda once and was told that I was stupid but called again and a manager told me to have my tech check to see if the shift fork has the two nuts on it (I dont know how it works so forgive me).

Anyone know anything to help me troubleshoot. I would appreciate any insight because the car is going in for a motor mount replacement next week and I want to once and for all knock out everyting in the powertrain.