View Full Version : smog question answered

01-12-2003, 12:22 AM
FYI: I live in Kalifornia, the most liberal f@#$ed up state in the union. We have the worst smog restrictions that I know of anywhere. In fact, in 1998 there were only 3 options available for the Cobra's and 1 of them was California emissions option......get my point.

I got the dreaded notice a few weeks ago, registration and smog verification is now due! :mad: And i had just installed JBA shorties and a Bassani catted X less than a month ago.

I have heard mixed replies about the Bassani with high flow cats, some people pass smog, some dont. So naturally given the fact that i live in Kalifornia, i am thinking that i am screwed.

This is funny, when i pulled into the shop and the techs heard my flowmasters, the first thing they did was do a visual to see if I had cats at all.:D (i love my noisemaker) And after it was all said and done, and to end the Bassani myth, I PASSED! My hat goes off to the guys at Bassani for making a great system.

And then I celebrated by annihilating a riced out Civic on the way home....today was a good day:D