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02-15-2003, 04:25 PM
Hey there. This is my first post. I have a 2003 Sonic Blue Cobra with only 68 miles. This car is only going to be used for drag racing only. I have a few other cars for the street, so I figured i would try to keep the miles off this car.

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about converting this car to an auto for the track. What to use, where to get it and what you think are the disadvantages and advantages.

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02-15-2003, 05:16 PM
yes you can. you'd need an 8 bolt flexplate from Lincoln (marauder/MKVIII) and a different driveshaft.

if you went with an AODE tranny from a 96^ GT, you'd also need to get a chip done to work with it. not sure if you'd have to change computers entirely.

personally, if you're looking to make it a drag car, i'd look at putting a powerglide or C style ford tranny in. several companies make a bellhousing to mate up to the 4.6, and you'd also be able to skip the computer end of the upgrade going this route also. both these transmissions would be the best bet, but obviously not ideal for street.

the AODE from lentech would be the best for street/strip. but you still would have to go into the computer, unless lentech offers a pre "e" model that'll mate up to the 4.6. manual valve body, matched stall, the lentech is an awesome option. pricey, but nice.
http://www.lentechautomatics.com/strip_aod.htm would be personal choice, provided they are available for the 4.6

the other thing worth looking into is having a converter built exactly for the car. i had a 91gt running an AOD, first converter was an off the shelf B&M, which did ok, but nothing like when we had a converter matched to cam specs, and rear gear ratio. ordered thru Performance Automatic (800 bucks) and with the same engine, it became a totally different car.

i'm going to assume that you're going to swap to a 99^ live axle, if not, there's a few things to look at for beefing up the rear end. with the automatic, i'd most definitely ditch the IRS tho...

hope that helps you some.

02-17-2003, 09:05 AM
Thank for your reply. There is some very informative information here. I was looking threw RacePages and there is a huge section dedicated to the 2003 Cobras. One of the drivers has done a conversion. He used transmission 4R70W. After reading this, I was looking threw the new issue of HOTROD and it appears that this part number (4R70W) is the same tranny that they use in the new MACH1 mustang.

I am wondering if you think the MACH1 parts would swap right into the cobra. I figure the driveshaft would have to be made for me, but mabey the tranny, flexplate, shifter, ext.... would bolt in pretty easy.

Do you think it uses the same crossmember?

BTW, I say this is going to make a drag only car, but I am only planning to run very bottom 12s. (I dont want to put a rollbar in the car) But I would like to make it very consistant. I will braket race every weekend with the car.

Thanks again.

02-18-2003, 01:13 PM
heh, forgot the mach was out with an automatic....

those should swap over, can't say about the crossmember tho. you'd still most likely be looking at upgrading either the computer, or a chip, if a chip will support the tranny mods.

best mod motor guys around right now are True Blue performance in one of the Carolina's. i'd call them to make sure.