View Full Version : Long Island????

02-24-2003, 03:53 PM
Hey guys, I'm a new guy here. I don't own a Cobra and I'm not a troll.
I was just wondering how many of you guys are on Long Island.
I own a 2000 Camaro SS, and I want to set up some good runs for this season on Long Island. I've only had the opportunity to race 5- '03 Cobras and I want to run some more.
You guys and the Z06's are the only street cars that are worth running.
I ran 2 03's at Englishtown last season and the other 3 were on the street. I want to see how you guys are doing with the new mods that have been coming out.
The best run I had was at the track with a Grey 03 that had a pulley, X pipe and a chip running slicks. I only beat him by a car and a half. I'm sure that since last season, you guys have found a few new mods.
I feel that I'm on the same level as you guys running SC cars because I'm running a Venom N2O system. To me thats fair game. Superchargers, Turbo, and N2O are the same in my book.
My best run last year was 11.43 @123mph, I'm hoping to get down to flat 11's this season.
I hope to see some of you guys out on the street and the track.
Let me know who's in NY.