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Topless In Tex
02-24-2003, 07:11 PM
Hey Ya'll..
Some of us from the Space City Cruisers were asked by the Team Illegal Speed to judge thier Show and Dyno Daze last Saturday. It was a VERY Nice show! We always look forward to helping other clubs out with thier judging when it is needed, and are asked to often. We also judged the Show for the Houston Street Racing Association about a month or so ago... :)

The Show was at CXI RACING off of Hwy. 6 South, Houston. www.conversionxtras.com The shop was VERY nice and Clean and BIG!!! They had the cars lined up to Dyno all day long, and they were steadily moving thru! Unfortunately, we did not get to Dyno ourselves, we just ran out of time! :( Everyone w/ Team Illegal Speed and CXI was VERY Nice, and Steve and I really enjoyed working with them the last couple of weeks in helping them set up thier show!!! :thumbsup:

Thanks to those good old reliable people for the help on the judging...we have a really great team and thier efforts are MUCH APPRECIATED: :hail:

*head judge*
Also..Brenda and her Boyfriend from the Z-Club of Houston was a HUGE help in the judging!!

and of corse BOB (CAMARO KID) WRIGHT who snapped away taking pics all day long, which you can now see posted on the Team Illegal Speed Website in thier Dyno Daze Pictures... :cool:

The weather was a bit chilly but beautiful and sunny! We had a nice drive up and back...and look forward to Team Illegal Speeds next show prolly set in April after our (Space City Cruisers) Big Spring Show the Saturday before Easter, April 19th....
We'll keep ya posted on the shows...Please check out the pics when you get a chance at Team Illegal Speed...thanks! ;)

:banana:TNT :banana:

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