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03-02-2003, 10:04 AM
Have you guys seen this yet ?







More info here (http://warnerrobert.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=009457)

Not many spots left in the GP

03-02-2003, 10:46 AM
not trying to be a "naysayer", i'd be leary.

reading thru that thread, 2 things jumped out at me.

shipping on the hood @ 25-35 dollars? not when they can only be shipped truck freight. (ask anyone who ships hoods) back when i was shopping for a hood for my 91GT, every hood manufacturer quoted 100 dollars in truck freight, and that it was the only way those hoods could be shipped.

550 shipped for the CF one? someone isn't proud of their CF.

while the hood in the pic does look like a nice piece, there's currently questions floating around on other boards on how "genuine" the guy offering them is. there is no phone number for the manufacturer, and in one thread the guy making them is in michigan, in the BON thread the manufacturer is 'out of state'.

not to mention this thread, from a gentleman i doubt anyone would question, given his background...


if you're in on the GP, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope everything works out for the best, but "buyer beware"!

03-24-2003, 02:56 AM
Hey new to this board, and just saw this thread funny enough. I'm the guy who was doing the GP for the company. Yes, as I started telling everyone all shipping was going to be done by truck freight cod. Shipping would be COD because everyone's location is different and prices range. The company, which was doing the CF unit, wasn't selling a pure CF unit. I found out it just had a CF overlay for 650.00. I'm told a pure cf unit will be coming out in the coming months but will no doubt be close to a grand for the unit. SHM has a new unit for 1495.00 but that seems a little pricy.

As far as my background in the response to your 1st post, you should know I'm pretty well known on the bon board and pretty well in the Corral board and have never ripped anyone off.
That thing on the Corner-cover (owned by griggs) thing is something I've had to deal with for like a year now because of a guy over at Griggs. ( which despite his angst towards me, i could care less.)
I posted pictures one day of some Kenny Brown parts and started a discussion on how well I thought they were made. Suddenly the Griggs people started getting real pist off and brought up and incident a year before when I worked for a Marketing division for Ford motor Company doing project vehicles as a consultant. The guy from Griggs called I don't know who in FRPP or SVT and was told I didn't work for either one of those divisions so obviously I was a fraud. (Of course at the time teh marketing manager for FRPP new about the project) The thing he neglected to look into was Ford's 7 wholly owned subsidiary companies that are developed by Ford but act independently. Serfice to say they guy over at Griggs was a real unfriendly but have lived with the torment because everyone whom has meet me finds that I'm not the person they try to portray me as.
But in general I'm not bringing that crap over to another board. Fact is the people whom sit on the AutoX board and criticize non stop are the same people whom call me up or email asking for discounted parts (Go figure). In the end one of teh employee's I know very well from Kenny Brown told me that unless I just left the discussion alone it would just get worse. SO I did. But the other fact is, its my life and my job and I shouldn't have to validate who I am to every person on the internet.

Anyway.. The update on the hood is that we couldn't get 10 people all together at once, so I think its going to be put off till later. I've actually thought of purchasing 10 hoods myself and just selling them off from there. But that probably won't happen.
We had 9 at one point, but then 1 guy backed out due to his vehicle gitting hit by a car and needed to purchase a new hood asap. So then we ended up with 8 after awhile and then other's started pulling out due to just how long everything was taking so here we are today. But if you guys have any questions on the hood feel free to ask.

As far as the company, Niche Performance Industries. The company whom developed the unit. I'm still waiting for their phones to turn on as well as their email. And thats probably my fault showing off a product from a company which wasn't ready to be opened yet. Their still trying to open up the new shop.

And in reference to your comment "if you're in on the GP, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope everything works out for the best, but "buyer beware"!" Every person whom sent a check or paid by paypal has been refunded :)
Like I tell everyone, make your own decisions and don't follow as sheep. If I screwed someone over, I'm sure we all would have heard about it by now.

But anyways nice to meet you all.:D