View Full Version : FS: 17x9 Chrome Bullitt Rims w/ Tires

03-18-2003, 11:06 PM
Found the rims I've wanted forever soooo ... The chrome Bullitts gotta get a new home & quick so I have the cash to cover what I spend on the new ones ;-) I am in SC and am willing to meet anyone within a reasonable distance from NC, SC, & GA.

These have been on my 2000 for about 1-1/2 years. They were anthracite, and I sent them to CA to have them triple chrome plated (long before Ford offered this option). Tires have about 70% tread left on them, they are stock Goodyear 245/45ZR17. One rim has a small area of damage. It was very hard to get pics of it because I keep them so clean for showing the car and it reflects IN the chrome ... pics of the damage are here: http://www.rhythmuniversity.com/donna/2000_Mustang/Rim%20Damage/

Here is a pic of the rims: http://www.rhythmuniversity.com/donna/2000_Mustang/March%2012%202003/Output/Rim.jpg

I have excellent feedback on Ebay, and can accept Paypal. I'm asking $850 + shipping, or best offer, for the set of 4 rims with tires. Quite a buy compared to the Ebay pricing, or GEF ($249 each for just the rims, no rubber).

Please email me at 1badpony@svtoa-atlanta.org for more info.

Thanks so much,