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Andy M
03-26-2003, 10:02 PM

ok, I know many of you are interested in attending the upcoming SCMC/Joe Meyers driving school track event at TWS in August. The time has come to begin getting people registered. We need to show the rest of the membership what makes Texas so great!

To help some of you who are contemplating this but who may be apprehensive, I will summarize what you need to consider before registering for the event. We want to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into so you come away with the best possible experience.

1) tires - make sure you have some decent tires on your car just prior to making the event. You don't want to attend the event with tires which are close to showing cords, because they will be very unsafe on the track and will not last very long before they fail. I am not saying you need to go out and spend tons of money on race tires and rims. I AM saying you need to have at least 4-6/32's of rubber or more (more is better obviously!) on your tires before you get on the track.

2) brakes - you should plan on having your entire brake system checked prior to the event. Pads, rotors, brake lines, fluid, etc. need to be in top operating condition. If you have a car which is over 1 year old and has never had its brake fluid flushed, it is highly recommended that you have a competent mechanic flush the system and replace with fresh fluid. Check your pads to make sure they have at least half or more of their usable life left on them. YOUR PADS WILL USE UP A LOT FASTER ON THE TRACK THAN ON THE STREET! Sorry for yelling, but I just want to make sure you understand this concept. If you have a car which has say 20-30K miles or more on it and is still running the original pads, I recommend you replace them with fresh pads prior to the event. Or at least have a competent technician check them to see if they need replacing and then have them replaced if need be. The rotors should not have serious cracks and their should be ABSOLUTELY NO fluid leaking ANYWHERE on the car!!! Ok, have I made my point concerning your brakes?!! You need good brakes to stop a 3500+ pound car going over 100 mph! Especially in the August Texas heat!!! :firebounc

3) cooling system - Your cooling system should also be in top operating condition. Have your system checked to ensure proper levels of coolant, hoses are in good condition with no cracks, belts are also in good condition, and there are NO LEAKS! Although many of us seasoned open track veterans go to extremes by flushing the system and filling with distilled water and "Water Wetter" ( a popular additive which works really well by the way) on our cars, I am not recommending that those of you who are coming in "street" cars do this necessarily. What I AM saying is make sure your cooling system is functioning properly. Your car will run up some pretty impressive temperatures while you are on the track, and you don't want a cooling system failure to spoil your fun!

4) suspension - have a competent technician check all of your suspension components for wear or possible problems. For instance, a leaking shock or strut can present not only a handling problem, but more importantly a SAFETY hazard. Again, I am not saying go out and spend tons of money on a track ready suspension system (unless of course you want to and can afford it), all I am saying is have your suspension system checked out completely. Things like tie rod ends, ball joints, etc... need to be checked.

There are some other things to check on your car, but I will cover these in a later thread. I feel these 4 are probably the most important (at least for now while some of you are pondering doing this event) items to consider.

We want to make sure we have a SAFE event and of course the fun part will just fall into place. Trust me on this - YOU WILL HAVE FUN!!! and YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING!

Keep an eye on this thread and/or any previous threads. At some point we will likely consolidate into one main thread so folks don't get confused and know exactly where to go for information.

The main thing you can do NOW, rather than later, to show your support for our club is to REGISTER!!!

03-26-2003, 11:22 PM
Great Job Andy.. just the type of thing we need to get the ball rolling and preped for this event