View Full Version : Open Track in Texas - How much interest here?

Andy M
03-27-2003, 07:59 AM

We are in the beginning phase of planning for our SCMC open track driving school to be held at Texas World Speedway this coming August 23-24th.

I would like to know how many here are planning to make the trip to have some open track fun with us?? I know this is very early and some of you may not be able to plan this far out, but please let me know if you are at least contemplating coming?

If you are a definite, may I ask you to go ahead and register at this time.

Additionally, some of you have indicated that you would be interested in coming AND helping out with being an instructor. Please indicate your desire for this also.

You can email me directly at rmenard71@earthlink.net.

Thanks! Hope to see some of you at TWS in August!!!:bounce: