View Full Version : diablo delta chip

04-21-2003, 05:53 PM
IF you get just the diablodelta chip without a custom program how much hrsp should it add? or should I just get the diablosport chip

04-28-2003, 07:12 PM
There is not much point in getting the chip without getting a custom program for it also. The reason for the chip is primarily for adjusting air/fuel mixture so you do not run too lean or too rich for your particular setup (pulley swaps, NOS, CAI, etc)

If you get a blower pulley or a metco pulley then you'd want to have a chip programed to add a little more fuel so it doesn't run too lean. BTW, you could get a MAFterBurner or a MAFtuner to do the same thing without having to isntall a chip and possibly void the warrenty.

you want as flat of an A/F curv as possible around the mid 11:1 A/F ratio


EDIT: the difference between the Dialblo Delta and the Diablo Sport is that the Delta can hold three programs (stock tune, custom tune1, custom tune2). The Sport chip only hold one custom tune program. I went with the Delta (stock, custom tune 1 for 91 oct and my mods, custom tune 2 for race fuel and my mods)