View Full Version : Saw the coolest thing at the NY auto show

04-23-2003, 09:19 PM
2004 Mustang GT. Sorry, no pics of the car at the show, but wow!! Looks like the old Mach I's, plus 400 hp and a 6 speed manual! NICE!! Quite possibly the coolest car there.

So, aside from that...and paying 40 bucks for parking, I didnt really see any other cars that really WOW'ed me. Chevy was a BIG dissapointment. The only car worth while is the dated Corvette...still unchanged. The interiors are still boring on all their models and still managed to keep the same Delco radio designs from 10+ yrs back.

Buick put fake holes in the fenders of their Park Ave. wow.

The Saturn Ion is pretty nice looking IMO, but the dashboard is mounted in the middle...WTF?

I made the mistake of sitting in one of those Toyota MR2 Spyders. Now I have back pain.

Audi wouldnt let you sit in the A8's :(

Beer was 5 bucks :(

All in all...even though the automanufactures were dissapointing this year, it was still worth the trip.