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04-25-2003, 09:43 PM
I made 3 pulls today. I am running whats in my sig and today the boost pressure was a constant 14-15psi.

The 1st pull i made was on street tune belt was slipping between 2500-4000rpm from what i gather from the dyno chart. Max Power SAE was 451.9HP and 464.8lb-ft.The A/F's were a tad on the rich side (going off the chart under 10-1) between 4300-5200 rpms and leveled out to 11.9-1 by 6400.

2nd pull, was street tune and i was a lil afraid to shoot it at 2500 rpm so i had him shoot it at 4500. MAX Power SAE 513Hp and 503 LB-FT. Oddly, the A/F's went WAY rich at 4500 (under 10-1)between 4300-5200 again! Leveled off around 12.2-1 at 6400 You can damn sure tell when the NOS kicks in by looking at the chart.

3rd pull, I switched to NOS tune and shot it at 3000rpm. Max Power SAE 509.3hp and 537 lb-ft. A/F's started out lean (14-1) at 3000 by 4500 they were down to 11-1 and at 6400 rpm they are at 12.2-1.

BTW, the NOS set-up im runnin is the Bottle in a bag set-up running the line straight into the air filter. I am runnin Compucars 39 jet which by there charts is for 4 cylinder applications. Around a 20 hp shot by there charts. Well if thats what the 20hp jet will do ( from 451hp to 513hp), i wonder what the next size up will do. Which is 46 jet. I know my HP numbers are down w/ my set-up w/o NOS. Must be heat soak ! Last week i did put down over 515 lb-ft off the bottle but i had the chip reburned because it was LEAN. I wish i would have sprayed the entire run on pull #2. I think my Torque qould have been over 550lb-ft for sure. Oh well, theres always this weekend. If someone is willing to help get the dyno charts up im game. im just a lil computer illiterate when it comes to stuff like that. Let me know what u guys think and what i should do next. thanks sorry so long Jamie

04-25-2003, 10:17 PM
03 Venom.
Send me the files, I'll post them. Or if you like you can attach them to a new reply as a downloadable file. Create a new reply, and attach the file from the bottom.

Congrats on the great #'s!!

04-27-2003, 12:54 AM
Great numbers!

05-11-2003, 01:58 AM
Sweet numbers.